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Salary Units

If some of your employees work per hour, per project, per month, per quantity of production, per any other kind of work unit, PAYBOOK is here to save you from vulnerable and unstable spreadsheet formulae


With PAYBOOK, statutory deductions, personal deductions i.e. loans and deductions are taken care of with accuracy.
Reports for deductions are archived for further reference.

Reimbursement & Bonuses

PAYBOOK enables you to compensate employees that have worked overtime and give bonuses to employees in addition to their basic salary.


PAYBOOK eliminates your monthly hustles of filing and managing taxes and security fund collection for your employees.

Net to Basic Calculator

PAYBOOK grosses up wages based on net pay and vice versa. Determine net wages after taxes and deductions given a specific basic pay amount.


PAYBOOK makes your analysis job easy. Submit government related reports on time. Internal reports are available for you all the time.

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...that is best for your business

PAYBOOK is designed to eliminate any further need for a compensation solution

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    With more than a 1000 employees and casual labourers, PAYBOOK offers biometric integration facility to manage daily attendance.

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    Health & Wellness

    Tired of manually assigning and reassigning shifts for nurses, doctors and caretakers? PAYBOOK makes it easy for you.

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    Construction & Engineering

    Pay your workforce on basis of different salary units. Handle full time, part time, consultants and casual workers all at the same time, same place.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try before I buy?

Yes, for a period of 30 days you can subscribe to our online trial and get the most out of PAYBOOK. Before end of trial period, you may choose to procure our product. However, our policy allows to cancel anytime.

Is PAYBOOK available on cloud?

To reduce maintenance costs, time in installation & configuration, and ensure your information is highly secured and world wide accessible, PAYBOOK gives an online subscription option.

Do you have a migration plan?

PAYBOOK offers you the ability to continue from where you left off. We make an effort to migrate your data from an old system to the new and improved Payroll solution.

Do you have a contract?

We strive to create mutual trust business environment with our customers. A contract is always available to safeguard our relationship. Responsibilities of both parties are spelled out before any transaction.

Does PAYBOOK support multiple businesses?

You can manage unlimited number of your establishments on a single platform. Get extended license for each one of your businesses regardless of their physical locations.

Is it possible to integrate with an Accounting software?

PAYBOOK performs better with our accounting software. However, it enables seamless integration with other secure and highly trusted accounting systems.